Clínica de Stº António

​​​​​​​​Clínica de Stº António is a hospital unit equipped and developed to accommodate all types of clinical situations, with diagnostic and treatment services.

It was the first Portuguese private clinic designed to provide assistance in medicine, general surgery and surgical specialties, and obstetrics-maternity, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Clínica de Stº António is located in Amadora, near Lisbon. It occupies four interconnecting buildings, and covers two main aspects: Outpatient care and Inpatient care.​


  • 181 Beds
  • 37 Consultation Rooms
  • 6 Operating Rooms
  • 2 Delivery Suites
  • 1 Minor Surgery Room​
  • Outpatient Surgery Centre
  • Nursing Care


It has been part of the Lusíadas Saúde Group since late-2016.

Lusíadas is a brand that covers hospitals and clinics from north to south of the country. Its main focus is taking care of its clients.

More than a hospital or clinic, the Lusíadas Saúde group is a company that welcomes its clients, shares their concerns, and always supports them in the best way possible.

In any of Lusíadas' Hospitals or Clinics you will find genuine people who have only one concern: caring.