Hospital de Cascais Dr. José Almeida

​​​​Lusíadas Saúde Group has embarked on a new model of healthcare administration in a public-private partnership - in Hospital de Cascais.

Our gain is determined by the fact that we insist on the highest quality of the healthcare services we provide, the efficiency of our resources and the satisfaction of ​our clients and collaborators, ever taking into consideration our place in the community that we serve with a modern hospital that will ensure the highest quality of medical assistance.

Building: 46 000 m2​​


  • 14.000 surgeries/year

  • 98.900 inpatient days/year

  • 297.000 outpatient consultations/year


  • 271 regular inpatient beds

  • 33 consultation rooms

  • 8 operating theatres

  • 10 delivery rooms

  • 6 intensive care beds

  • Ambulatory day care service