International Patient Care

​​​​​​​​Demonstrate excellence in everything we do.​

Health is invaluable and of indubitable social importance. Our mission and values not only define who we are, but above all they define what we do and why. Our pledge is to achieve excellence with dedication, both ethically and humanely.

When choosing one of our Hospitals you can rest assured that you are in the safest hands possible. ​Lusíadas Saúde Group was the first private healthcare group to be accredited by JCI in Portugal.

Our group is renowned in the health care sector with almost 20 years of experience and three Joint Commission International accreditations (JCI has been accrediting health organizations since 1999. Approximately 450 public and private health institutions in 50 countries have been accredited or certified by JCI).

The surgeons and doctors that collaborate with us are committed to the highest standards of medical care, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our consultants and nurses. Many of our doctors are internationally renowned within their areas of specialty.

Lusíadas Saúde Group, celebrating our role in serving people and society in an area so vitally human as their health.

Lusíadas Saúde. ​Caring for those coming from far.

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