Prof. Doctor Carla Maria Almeida

Prof. Doctor Carla Maria Almeida

Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa:


Portuguese and English

Areas of Interest

Neuropsychological assessment for adults (of neurodegenerative, traumatic origin or deficits associated with mental disorder)


Neuropsychology Consultation

Breve CV

Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology and a candidate for the Advanced Specialty in Neuropsychology, by the Portuguese Psychologists Council.
PhD in Health Sciences and Technologies from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon.
Degree in Clinical Psychology from ISPA since 2005.
Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon since 2007.
Research in the field of psychopathology and social cognition, with the publication of scientific articles and the publication of a book chapter.
Regarding training, competencies were acquired in the fields of stress, psychopathology, psychological and neuropsychological assessment, psychotherapy, research (three postgraduate courses; 12 training courses and five workshops), and teaching (17 training courses).

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