About Us

The Lusíadas Knowledge Center is the business unit responsible for education and research at Lusíadas Saúde.

Through its lines of action — Training, Education, Research, and Clinical Innovation — it aims to develop technical and non-technical competencies for health professionals, promoting qualification and differentiation and accompanying their respective career tracks.

The Lusíadas Knowledge Center encourages and contributes to the production and dissemination of knowledge and the generation of innovative ideas, impacting the quality of care provided and respective outcomes.

Its activities are developed in partnership with the main national and international education , research, and innovation entities, strengthening the health sciences and human sciences in the provision of health care centered on patients.

Strategic Vision

With its declared objective being to become a center of national and international recognition in training, research, and clinical innovation in health, the Lusíadas Knowledge Center’s mission is to guarantee Lusíadas health professionals access to training, education, research, and innovation, supporting the acquisition of new knowledge and competencies as well as how to transfer knowledge to the community in general, helping our clients and their families to make more informed decisions with regard to their health.

We guarantee access to training, education, research, and innovation for health professionals, so as to improve their knowledge and offer better health services, guiding our clients and their families to make more informed decisions with regard to their health.
Our strategic objectives are the capture and retention of talent in health care and the continual improvement of clinical and technological differentiation.

Lusíadas Knowledge Center

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Responsible for continual training of all Lusíadas professionals, the Lusíadas Knowledge Center also promotes scientific programs geared toward the general public, aiming to continue to increase health literacy in our country.

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