Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira is a unit characterized by modernity and functionality,
providing clinical services in the areas of medicine and surgery, as well as a hospitalization protocol similar to that of an outpatient center.

Lusíadas Saúde Group presence in the Algarve consists of the Faro and Albufeira hospitals.

The Lusíadas Algarve Units provide all medical and surgical specialties, with integrated responses given by multidisciplinary teams in close communication with other hospital units in the group.

The mission to be there when people need us has been the primary motivation for its continued technological differentiation, associated with scientific rigor, with special emphasis placed on humanization of care.

Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira ensures 24/7 medical and surgical care, permitting the district in which it is located to ensure that everyone — residents and tourists — is provided with the necessary quality clinical services.

Clínica Lusíadas Faro, located in downtown Faro, provides full outpatient medical and nursing support, functioning in conjunction with Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira. Patients know that they always have at their disposal “A Lusíadas Team in the Algarve Region.”

Gonçalo Neto D' Almeida
Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira Clinical Director

Quality and Safety

Quality present in our daily work

Opened in 2012, Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira and all its employees, as part of Lusíadas Saúde Group, are committed to seeking out continued improvement to its processes and procedures, centering their activities on safety, the promotion of sustainability, and respect for the environment. Caring for the health of those who seek us is our defining characteristic.

But focus on quality is part of all Lusíadas Saúde hospitals and clinics. Lusíadas was a pioneer organization in the accreditation of private health units — at Hospital Lusíadas Porto and Hospital de Cascais (PPP) — and also a pioneer in terms of environmental certification in Portugal, at Hospital de Cascais.

Lusíadas Saúde activities are thus developed every day, through the adoption of efficient organization models and the implementation of continual improvement programs, supported by internationally certified systems of management of quality, environment, and safety.

Being a point of reference for residents and tourists, Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira is a modern and efficient health care provision unit, one which guarantees medical and surgical care for all.

Acordos e Convenções

Advantageous health care conditions

We hold agreements with leading health insurance companies and subsystems.




CT Scan

Now, you can get your CT scan at Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira, under the ADSE agreement.

Authorization for Health Care Service Provision

Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira provision establishment held and managed by Lusíadas, S.A. (Entity Registration No.: 13833), registered and licensed, under the terms and effects of Decree-Law No. 127/2014 of August 22, of the ERS - Health Regulatory Entity, numbers E118159 and E148035, holding operating license no. 8413​/2014.​