Dra. Ana Neto

Dra. Ana Neto

Hospital Lusíadas Monsanto:


Portuguese, English and French

Areas of Interest

Depression; Anxiety; Alcohol Use Disorders; Substance Use Disorders; Mental Health in the Migrant Population


Psychiatry Consultation, Substance and Alcohol Addiction Consultation, Behavioral Addictions Consultation, Transcultural Psychiatry Consultation

Breve CV

Graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon (2007).
Lecturer in Medical Ethics at the Faculty of Medicine in Lisbon (2009 - 2011).
Training in Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2010).
Specialist in Psychiatry at Hospital Prof. Dr. Fernando Fonseca, EPE (2014).
Hospital Assistant in Psychiatry at Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa (CHPL) (2015 - 2019).
Psychiatry Assistant at the Lisbon Alcohol Unit, DICAD, ARSLVT,IP (2019 - 2023).
Competence in Clinical Addictology by the College of Competence in Clinical Addictology (2021).
Graduate Assistant in Psychiatry at the Lisbon Alcohology Unit, DICAD, ARSLVT,IP since 2023.

schedules and agreements

  • Hospital Lusíadas Monsanto
  • Hospital Lusíadas Monsanto
  • Planicare
  • Colaboradores Lusíadas (Seguro Saúde Médis)
  • Multicare - ACS
  • Mediplus
  • Câmara Municipal da Amadora
  • LNEC
  • SFJ - Sindicato dos Funcionários Judiciais
  • RNA Medical
  • Multicare