Dra. Carla Ferreira

Dra. Carla Ferreira

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Portuguese and English

Areas of Interest

Treatment and evaluation of the child's foot growth; Evaluation and treatment of the diabetic foot; Forefoot surgery; Laser treatments; Treatments with customized plantar supports (insoles)


Podiatry Consultation

Breve CV

​​​​Master's degree in Clinical Podiatry (2012).
Fellowship in Podiatric Surgery Medicine and Foot Surgery, USA (2013).
University Degree in Podiatry (2002).
Foot and Ankle Clinical Biomechanics Course, (2017, Lisbon).
Minimally Invasive Surgery Course in Cadaver (2017, Lisbon).
Hispanic – Portuguese Course on Foot and Ankle Surgery in Cadaver, (2017, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona).
Course on Diseases of the Foot (2016, Collegio Official dos Médicos, Barcelona).
Podiatric Surgery Course (2015, Centro de Cirurgia Experimental Avançada).
Laser Therapy Course applied to Podiatry (2015, University of Minho).
Training in the use of manipulated medicine in Podiatry (2015, Porto).
Course on Surgical Techniques and Approaches to Foot and Ankle surgery (2014, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona).​​

schedules and agreements

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  • Hospital Lusíadas Porto
  • Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa