Dra. Josefina Cernadas

Dra. Josefina Cernadas

Coordenador de Immuno-Allergology: Hospital Lusíadas Porto

Coordenador de Immuno-Allergology: Hospital Lusíadas Porto

Hospital Lusíadas Porto:


Portuguese, French, Spanish and English

Areas of Interest

General immunoalergology in children, young people, adults and the elderly; Drug Allergy; Drug Desensitization (chemotherapy used in Oncology, Biological agents, Antibiotics, Aspirin and any drug the patient needs for treatment of the underlying disease and to which they are allergic)


Immunoallergology Consultation

Breve CV

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from FMUP.
Master's degree equivalence.
Hospital Assistant at CHUSJ in 1993.
Hospital Assistant Graduate in 1998.
Assistant Senior Graduated - ongoing contest
Supervisor of Complementary Internships comprehending 10 graduated Specialists
Member in 15 National Juries awarding the title of Specialist.
Member in juries awarding the title of AHG regarding 16 specialists.
Management Course for Physicians at Universidade Católica Portuguesa.
Health Quality Auditor by the National Medical Council.
Visiting Lecturer at University of Porto, University of Beira Interior and School of Medical Sciences of Braga.
Active group member: European Network on Drug Allergy (ENDA) Team Leader of the Task Force - Rapid Drug Desensitization - European Consensus published in the Allergy 2010 Team Leader of the Task Force - Desensitization to Chemotherapy in Children - JACI in Practice 2020.
Since 2010, at Hospital Lusíadas Porto, practicing in ​​Immunoallergology, in its various fields.
Coordinator of the Allergology Specialty at Hospital Lusíadas Porto for three years now.
Has developed joint research works, always published in internationally renowned journals.
Registered at Research Gate, Elsevier, among others.

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