> Covid-19: Information for Visitors and Companions

Clinical Activity

The group’s hospitals and clinics have undergone processional and procedural alterations in order to guarantee the safety of all clients and health professionals.

Among the most important of these alterations is the definition of new treatment circuits, with specific areas designated for the circulation of persons with no COVID-19 symptoms, so as to avoid contact with potentially ill patients.

All medical appointment times were reconfigured to ensure that no overlapping occurs, and that ample time is provided for sanitizing rooms between patients.

Furthermore, entry-to-exit utilization of masks for all persons who frequent units, as well as body temperature verification at time of entry into unit, are now mandatory. All waiting rooms and common spaces were reorganized and are duly identified in order to maintain social distancing measures recommended by health authorities.

With regard to health professionals, body temperature will continue to be taken before beginning of shift and personal protective equipment shall continue to be used, with adjustments made relative to medical act being performed by each health professional.

Virtual Appointments

The Online Medical Consultation Service is available for compatible specialty areas whenever this modality is client’s preferred choice. Notwithstanding, Lusíadas Saúde has resumed in-person activities at its units.

You can now schedule an SOS Virtual Appointment, a new adult and children’s virtual appointment service which provides an immediate response to emergency episodes, right from your home. With a wide service window, from 8 a. m. to 12 a. m., this new service includes the involvement of the Emergency Room team, who is able to evaluate and provide a clinical response for various symptoms such as: cough, fever, vomiting, sore throat, nausea, urinary issues, and more. After evaluation, you may be referred for an in-person visit at the closest hospital unit, should doctor deem it necessary.

Emergency Room and Walk-in Appointments

  • Hospital Lusíadas Porto: Adult and Pediatric Emergency Room - 24/7
  • Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa: Adult, Pediatric and Obstetric - 24/7
  • Clínica de Stº António: Adults - 24-hour
  • Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira: Adults - 24-hour
  • Hospital Lusíadas Braga: Walk-in appointments, seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Clínica Lusíadas Sacavém: General Medicine walk-in appointments, weekdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Clínica Lusíadas Faro: General Medicine and Pediatric walk-in appointments, seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Visiting Hospitalized Patients

During the Covid-19 pandemic, for the safety of patients and others at hospital, visits to hospital rooms are not permitted.

Exceptionally, one visitor is permitted for hospitalized patients in the Obstetrics (Maternity), and Pediatrics Unit, as well as in end-of-life situations. Individuals visiting during evening hours will solely be authorized for entry upon presentation of a negative COVID-19 test.

Persons accompanying patients for appointments, exams, or Emergency Room visit

Accompanying patients continues to be temporarily prohibited for appointments, exams, and Emergency Room visits.

Accompanying patients is solely permitted for the following situations:

  • Pediatric or disabled patients, dependent patients, or patients whose physical condition requires being accompanied by another person for assistance.

Pregnant Patients and People Accompanying Them

Relative to accompanying patients for External Consultations, Echography, and Emergency Room, recommendations from the competent authorities will apply when possible and as long as no epidemiologic risk is run.

  • Following admission of patient in labor to the Obstetrics service, only one additional person is permitted to remain with her.
  • Upon entry into service area, person accompanying patient will not be allowed to leave and enter again, and therefore should be prepared to accompany patient throughout hospitalization.
  • Should person accompanying patient need to leave service area, they will not be permitted to re-enter.
  • Meals for accompanying individual may be provided by the hospital and serviced and the hospital room.
  • Request protection mask for both individuals and wash/disinfect hands several times
  • For scheduled births, pregnant patients will be tested for Covid-19 before delivery, in accordance with instructions from doctor.
  • Should accompanying individual wish to be present for delivery, he/she should take a Covid-19 test at the same time.
  • For unscheduled births, both pregnant patient and accompanying individual will be tested for Covid-19 upon admission.

Evolution of the pandemic may determine any alteration and/or adaptation of these measures with no advanced notice, at any Lusíadas unit.
In light of the current context and relative to public health, Lusíadas Saúde thanks you for your understanding and cooperation.

Individual Protective Equipment

The Covid-19 pandemic has obliged all health insurance companies to implement operational contingency plans in order to address this continually evolving problem. Within this scope, the need to equip units with specific devices and equipment in the public sector led to significant inflation of the value of acquisition of Individual Protective Equipment (EPI), at the same time that the quality and safety guidance from the Directorate-General for Health imposed an increase in its utilization for professionals and clients.

Added to this is the fact that clients’ EFRs (competent financial entities) had their own contracted values, which did not contemplate the current costs for utilization of materials for the prevention and control of infection in a pandemic.

For the benefit of no-contract EFRs, Lusíadas Saúde charges values relative to measures and material for the prevention and control of spread of infection which are continually subjected to internal review. The following are the current values practiced (since 07/01/2020):

Emergency Room


Medical imaging / Exams


Specific Exams


Small Surgeries


Hospitalization Day-Rate




Births / C-sections


Dental Medicine


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (does not include Kinesis physiotherapy)


The above values are to be viewed as guides and may occasionally include additional amounts should needs arise due to an emergency situation.