Dra. Marta Vale

Dra. Marta Vale

Hospital Lusíadas Braga:


Portuguese and English

Areas of Interest

Dentist; Pediatric Dentist


Dental Medicine Consultation, Pediatric Dentistry Consultation

Breve CV

Internship in Integrative Clinical Practice at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Porto.
General Dental practice at Clínica Dentária Ad Aequilibirum.
General Dental practice at Clínica Dental Shopping.
General Dental practice at Clínica Dentária de Lamaçães.
General Dental practice at Clínica Dentária Brufdente (replacement of a colleague on maternity leave).
Pediatric Dentistry and Interceptive Orthodontics and General Dentistry at Hospital Privado de Braga.
General Dental practice at Clínica Dentária Santa Madalena.
Completion of secondary education, at Escola Secundária D. Maria II, in Braga.
1st Year of Pharmacy, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra .
Integrated Master's degree in Dental Medicine, at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon (6 years of training).
Orthodontics Specialization Course: MBT technique-Trevisi; at IPAS.
Course on Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry, by Prof. Dr. António Pedro Silva, at ICMDS.
Training on Integrated Treatments in Pediatric Dentistry - Interceptive Orthodontics, by Dr. Pedro Braga, Campus Clinic.
Conscious Sedation Course, at Education Academy Clitrofa.
Postgraduae course in Integrative Pediatric Dentistry, at Cespu.
Postgraduate course in Interceptive Pediatric Dentistry, at Cespu.
1st Pediatric Dentistry Course in babies, by Dr. Ruth Mayné Acién and Dr. Camila Palma Portaro.
End of Day Course – “Removable Prosthesis – Altered or Modified Model Technique”.
Postgraduate Course in Surgery for Impacted Teeth, at Instituto Superior Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz.

schedules and agreements

  • Hospital Lusíadas Braga
  • Hospital Lusíadas Braga
14:00 - 20:00
  • SAMS Quadros
  • ADSE
  • AdvanceCare
  • Allianz
  • Ecco-Salva
  • Future Healthcare
  • Jerónimo Martins
  • Lusíadas 4US
  • Medicare
  • Médis
  • Multicare
  • RNA Medical
  • Sãvida
  • SFJ - Sindicato dos Funcionários Judiciais
  • Staples
  • Universidade do Porto
  • KeepWells
  • Colaboradores Lusíadas (Seguro Saúde Médis)
  • Lusíadas Plan
  • SAMS Norte
  • ADSE, IASFA, SAD PSP, SAD GNR - Tabela especial sem convenção
  • Planicare