Technological precision and humanized services for the
recovery from injuries that affect the locomotive system.

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to recovery from injuries to muscles, nerves, joints, tendons, and bones, minimizing the impact of these injuries on quality of life.

Lusíadas Saúde Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Units are characterized by a highly specialized team which, in conjunction with different professionals, is centered on client recovery, monitoring them from first contact through full rehabilitation.

Permanently focused on improvement of services and client quality of life, at Lusíadas Saúde, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Unit practices encompass physical, psychological, emotional, and social aspects, providing the full range of physical and therapeutic means necessary for social reintegration of clients.

Clinical staff

Dr. Tiago Esteves de Carvalho

Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa:
Clínica Lusíadas Oriente:
Hospital Lusíadas Amadora:
Clínica Lusíadas Almada:

Areas of Interest

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation; Neurological Rehabilitation; Sports Rehabilitation; Spinal Pathology (spinal sensitization); Shockwaves; Mesotherapy; Falls Prevention; Health Services Management


Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

Dra. Luisa Medeiros

Hospital Lusíadas Amadora:

Areas of Interest



Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

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