About Us

Lusíadas Saúde Group is a point of reference in the Portuguese health sector and is part of UnitedHealth Group, the largest  global health group. We are committed to guaranteeing that our clients feel they are in good hands, not solely because of the excellence, rigor, and innovation which characterizes our services, but for the attention we pay to the smallest of details. At Lusíadas Saúde, we provide unique care which goes beyond medicine.

We have the best health professionals and the most advanced technologies which we use to better serve patients. But we do not lose site of the importance of attention, comprehension, and close relationships. Humanization of serves is for us an indispensable element, in line with every other criterion we demand of our selves.

This brand was constructed to be closer to those who entrust us with their health. We offer a cross-country network of services of over 6,000 health professionals.

Our history

Founded in 1998, Lusíadas Saúde (at the time, called HPP Saúde) has always set itself apart through an innovative vision, coupled with a strong spirit of continual improvement, excellence, and rigor, as well as through sustained growth and a widening of the service network across Portugal.

Two of the company’s great markers were the opening, in 2008, of Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa and Hospital Lusíadas Porto. And management of Hospital de Cascais (public-private partnership), since 2009.​

In 2013, this obligation and focus on excellence and quality of health services gained new force when the company was acquired by Amil, which is part of the US company UnitedHealth Group.

In 2014, in a brand modernization initiative, HPP group was rebranded and renamed Grupo Lusíadas Saúde.

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About UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group, the largest health group in the world, is a company headquartered in the United States of America, dedicated to activities in the health and well-being sector. Its mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

It offers a wide variety of products and services through two distinct companies: UnitedHealthcare, which offers health insurance plans and coverage, and Optum, which offers information and technology services specifically for the health sector.

For more information, visit the UnitedHealth Group site at, www.unitedhealthgroup.com or follow @UnitedHealthGrp on Twitter.

  • UnitedHealth Group serves 140 million people in all 50 US states, and in more than 130 other countries.
  • It has approximately 300,000 employees across the world, with over 80,000 in the medical services area.

UnitedHealth Group, to which Lusíadas Saúde belongs, is the largest and most diversified health group in the world, with over 40 years’ experience. It serves 140 million people in all 50 US states, and in more than 130 other countries. Lusíadas takes full advantage of the knowledge acquired across the world to fulfill its mission of helping to make society healthier and making access to health care increasingly more universal.