We believe that in order to promote healthier communities, we have to focus on the fundamental areas of Sustainability — social, environmental, and economic —, interlinking sustainability’s various components across the entire value chain.

We have defined Sustainability using a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, grouping activities, and linking areas:

Social: Focused on people, the community, on well-being, and on quality of life, balanced with productivity through engagement and diversity.

Environmental: Focused on the planet and on proper utilization of resources, beginning with internal infrastructures and overall environmental protection and awareness.

Economic: Focused on transparency, economic growth, good governance, efficiency, efficacy, and monitoring.


Turning challenges into opportunities

In order to promote healthier communities, we must care for our health professionals, work more closely with clients, and understand their needs. We also have to understand what current solutions are out there, including social innovations, and co-create and promote bridges and partnerships to respond to the needs identified.

In order to fulfil the Lusíadas Saúde value proposition, we identified three challenges we will help to face:

Caring for those who provide care and access for those in need

Caring for health professionals, promoting their wellness in order to facilitate equitable access to essential and quality health services. Access to primary care, as well as safe and efficient access to essential medications and vaccinations, while promoting quality of service and accessible cost. Capacity for and quality of medical response has also been weakened.

Environmental Unsustainability

Climate changes are clear and present in people’s lives. Public health is at imminent risk due to environmental degradation. Scarcity of resources is becoming a growing issue, where air, water, and terrestrial ecosystem pollution is more and more visible, in part due to unsustainable consumption and extreme waste.

Lack of impact investing

One of the primary problems globally is difficulty in communicating and identify problems and articulating strategies for the common good. Currently, we see this as the most pressing global problem. There is an urgent need to combine resources into intelligent investments in order to finance innovative, high-impact social, environmental, and economic solutions.

Strategic Sustainability Areas

In order to promote healthier communities, we must care for
people, understand their needs, and promote their health and well-being.

Together, we can fight to find innovative solutions to create eco-efficient infrastructures which promote the environment. And identify social innovations in order to co-create and promote bridges and partnerships with impact investing to face challenges.

We work within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives (SDG), the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards) metrics, the Communication on Progress (COP), and the 10 UN Global Compact principles.