Renowned team with extensive experience in
the study of the functions involved in human communication.

Speech Therapy is the science dedicated to studying the biological and behavioral functions involved in human communication.

The Lusíadas Saúde Speech Therapy team applies its extensive experience to serve clients of all ages, intervening in areas including language, orofacial motricity, and eating.

Following international quality standards and the most recent scientific techniques, Speech Therapy at Lusíadas Saúde seeks to treat diseases which arise in both children and adults.

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Clinical staff

Therapist Carla Silvestre

Therapist Carla Silvestre


Clínica Lusíadas Faro
Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira

Areas of Interest

Intervention in children and adolescents: language development, communication, verbal articulation, reading and writing disorders and orofacial motricity



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