Highly renowned teams of neurosurgeons for treating
diseases of the central and Peripheral nervous system.

Neurosurgery is a surgical specialty dedicated to the treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, covering the brain, muscles, and nerves, as well as the spinal cord and vertebral column.

Surgeons who work at Lusíadas Saúde Neurosurgery Units possess extensive experience in evaluating and guiding patients in the most varied clinical situations and are capable of performing surgeries which require the highest levels of precision and safety.

Equipped with the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment instruments, Neurosurgery Units are characterized by clinical excellence and a focus on continual improvement of surgical techniques, making the most advanced treatment options available. Even though the primary approach at Neurosurgery Units is a surgical one, Lusíadas Saúde teams also engage in a multidisciplinary approach which ensures that the most appropriate treatment path for each case be indicated.

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Clinical staff

Prof. Dra. Catarina Marques

Hospital Lusíadas Braga:

Areas of Interest

Spine surgery; Pain; Head trauma; Tumors (brain or spine)


Portuguese, English, Swedish, French and Spanish

Dr. Cesário Vilela

Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira:
Clínica Lusíadas Faro:
Hospital Lusíadas Braga:

Areas of Interest

Degenerative and traumatic spine surgery; Peripheral nerve surgery; Percutaneous treatments for spine pathologies (radiofrequency, laser, ozone, injections). Endoscopic surgery for herniated discs. Brain diseases, disc herniation, sciatica, back pain, head trauma.


Portuguese, English and French

Dr. Miguel Afonso Filipe

Hospital Lusíadas Braga:

Areas of Interest

Vascular Neurosurgery; Brain tumor surgery; Stereotactic brain surgery; Degenerative and tumor pathology of the spine; Peripheral nerve surgery (carpal tunnel); Cranioencephalic injuries


Portuguese, English and Spanish

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