Coordinated, multidisciplinary approach supported by a highly specialized professionals and technology, dedicated to
the treatment of oncologic diseases.

Medical Oncology is a medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors (cancer) and their impact on individual health.

At Lusíadas Saúde, Clinical Oncology Units are highly specialized, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to promote diagnosis, staging, treatment, and monitoring of patients based on current scientific information available.

With specialists from an array of medical specialties including Radiotherapy, General Surgery, and Nuclear Medicine, at Lusíadas Saúde Medical Oncology, each clinical case is studied and discussed during a coordinated multidisciplinary consultations in order to establish an appropriate, humane therapeutic strategy for each patient.

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Clinical staff

Dr. Paulo Cortes

Unit Coordinator of Medical Oncology — Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa

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Dra. Ana João Mendonça Pissarra

Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa:

Areas of Interest

General Medical Oncology; Gastrointestinal, neuro-endocrine and lung tumors.

Dra. Daniela Macedo

Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa:


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