Control the impact of risk factors
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Preventive and wellness medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention of illness and the promotion of health and well-being.

It involves taking steps to maintain good health, prevent diseases and injuries, and manage chronic conditions. This can include lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and not smoking, as well as preventive medical care, such as vaccinations, screenings, and check-ups.

The goal of preventive and wellness medicine is to help people stay healthy and prevent the onset of chronic conditions, rather than treating illness after it has occurred.

Clinical staff

Dra. Carla Sousa Pontes

Dra. Carla Sousa Pontes


Clínica Lusíadas Oriente

Areas of Interest

Preventive medicine; Precision medicine; Lifestyle medicine; Personalized medicine; Chronic diseases; Risk factors; Lifestyle; Aging; Prevention; Wellness; Genomics; Chronic inflammation; Immunity; Sleep; Stress; Physical exercise; Metabolism; Microbiome; Cancer; Senescence; Longevity; Healthy lifestyle; Active aging; Chronobiology; Oncology; Aviation medicine; Sports medicine



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